God of Tears (2008)

Medium: 16 mm Color / Length: 20 minutes

The story of a God who cries lonely tears that become rain for a planet of lower beings. These beings consume the rainbows after the daily storm. When the God one day meets a cat, he stops crying. He must choose between his friendship with the cat and the fate of a race of people.

Directors & Animators: Max Margulies & Naoko Masuda
Art Director & Animator: Greg Lytle
Cinematography: Minka Farthing-Kohl & Daniel Kremer
Producer: Sam Margulies, Colin Malone

The Blue Boy: Brian Urbiztondo
Cat: Sophie


Maryland Film Festival
Baltimore, MD, U S A
May 2009 (Film Festival)

Flickering Light Film Series
Philadelphia, PA usa
May 2009 (Film Series)

Calgary Underground Film Festival
Calgary, Canada
April 2009 (Film Festival)

Backseat Film Festival
Best Animation
Philadelphia, PA, U S A
March 2009 (Film Festival)

Washington DC Independent Film Festival
Washington, DC, U S A
March 2009 (Film Festival)

Tromadance Film Festival
Park City, Utah, U S A
January 2009 (Film Festival)


Montezuma International Film Festival
Montezuma, Costa Rica
November 2008 (Film Festival)
Central America PREMIERE

Rio Di Janeiro International Short Film Festival
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
November 2008 (Film Festival)
South America PREMIERE

Bucks Fever Film Festival
Best College Animation
Bucks County, PA, U S A
October 2008 (Film Festival)

Atlanta Underground Film Festival
Best Short Film
Atlanta, U S A
August 2008 (Film Festival)
North America PREMIERE

Diamond Screen Film Festival
Best Sr. Project, Audience Award
Philadelphia, PA, U S A
May 2008 (Film Festival)