About Filmmakers

Max Margulies, Naoko Masuda Max Margulies, Naoko Masuda


Max Margulies (left) was born in Philadelphia, PA, where he still resides. He graduated from Temple University with a degree in Film and Media Arts. It was through Temple that he met Naoko Masuda, also a Film and Media Arts major focusing on animation. Read more

Naoko Masuda (right) was born in Tokyo, Japan and came to Philadelphia to complete her Film degree through Temple, which she did successfully in January 2007. Read more

Max and Naoko have been collaborating on animated films since 2006. Their work has been screened nationally and internationally and has been the recipient of various awards and prizes. Their most recent finished work, "God of Tears" is currently touring the festival circuit. In the works is a live-action fairy tale about a princess who falls in love with a lumberjack. Additionally, they are working on a play, "The History of Shit," to premiere in September 2009.